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Sales improvement is the pre-requisite for building a better business in ever increasingly competitive markets.

Our sales philosophy is based on the principle of a desire to understand the customers in depth so they in turn seek to understand the supplier’s product or services offering; the basis for true partnering. We created a sales process (MATCH) that provides salespeople with a framework on which to build customer relationships whilst retaining their individual personal style of selling…Read more


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Whether newly appointed Managers, Project Managers or long standing Directors: our leadership expertise facilitates executives to make the transition from managers into leaders.

Loyalty and discretionary effort by those who follow are true measures of leadership – not dependency and compliance…Read more

Graduate Development Programme

The Anatomy of Business: a flexible introduction to the inner workings of the corporate world. Our Development Programme provides graduates with training specifically tailored to your company, ensuring a successful transition from higher education to business.

Clients contact us because they want to:

  • Outsource the whole of their Graduate Development Programme
  • Roll out development modules to supplement an Induction Programme
  • Expand an existing Graduate Development Programme

What the Graduate Development Programme offers you is the option of a flexible set of development modules that are tailored to your business. These modules will be delivered by consultants selected from our pool of over 12 highly experienced professionals.

To find out more get in touch with a member of the team on 01932 262548 or email us here



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 “I have worked with Jamie for a number of years. Not only is he a “subject matter expert”, he can put that experience and expertise into context in terms of an overall business. He is also fun to be with and work with.” David Mellor Cass Business School 


“Jamie has consistently delivered high quality, targeted training to my organisation for several years. Specifically, we have been running a management development course with Jamie and, thanks to Jamie’s expert knowledge, have been able to develop, adapt and grow the course over a period of time with excellent results”

Mark Johnson HR Director Europe at Orchid Cellmark